WiFi for Campgrounds & RV Parks

WiFi has become a major expectation for your campsite guests. It is also a decisive factor in selecting which campground to stay. Camping offers a healthy lifestyle alternative vacation. WiFi for campgrounds is a necessity making campgrounds and RV parks excellent markets for hotspot deployments. In today’s economy, campers and tourists expect high speed internet access to help them remain connected to their friends, businesses and communities and Whotspot can help you offer the best wifi for your camping guests, today!

wifi for campgrounds and rv parks by whotspot

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Expectations of campers are high. What used to be called computer junkies, are now kids, parents and grandparents and they need their fix of daily email, even while on vacation or camping. Longer term campers in RV parks, need to keep in touch with loved ones. What could be more perfect than a WiFi installation that covers a large area of your park? Some park owners minimize their cost by just covering a rec hall or office area with WiFi and allowing their guests to bring their laptops to surf the net. Others try to cover as much of their park as possible.

Map of potential WiFi locations at a campground

Whotspot has many successful installations in campgrounds. Just purchase a Whotspot WiFi Gateway, add some high gain antennas or mesh access points or repeater and you are ready to service your customers with prepaid vouchers or Surf Codes. You can sell them for cash or they can be purchased online by your guests with a major credit card – standard with a Whotspot campground solution. Want to offer WiFi for Free, no problem either. You can give out a WiFi Voucher code when each guest checks-in. It’s your choice!

If your installation is more complex than a simple Kit install, we can recommend professional site survey and installation firms to assist you in providing the desired coverage. While we do not perform installations or site surveys, we can give you an idea of what may be needed and manage everything for you when it’s operational.

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