Search for and purchase the best wireless internet equipment to support your WiFi Hotspot. Whotspot offers the most affordable professionally managed hotspot solutions. In conjunction with our partners, we can arrange a site survey, sell you the exact wifi equipment you will need, a service plan to manage it all for you and continued support to keep your system running smoothly.

Get Started Today in 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Select an initial Access Point - This unit will connect to your ISP/Internet Modem.
  2. Select additional access points to extend your reach. For every 50-100' or 20 simultaneous users, add an access point. Each is self configuring so don't worry about placement or running cables.
  3. If you do not want to show or hang the default packaging, select an enclosure- outdoor, indoor, wall-plug, ceiling.
  4. Select a service plan for Whotspot to manage your network. Our new simple plans include unlimited use, unlimited vouchers/prepaid codes and PayPal setup to process credit cards. You can offer free or paid Internet access to your guests and customers. We even set-up your custom portal page!
  5. Pay online and we will prepare your order, ship and configure your cloud-based gateway control center. For any missing information or configuration (like SSID names, artwork, business name...) we will contact you. We accept most major credit cards automatically by PayPal. If you would rather fax in your order, we will process your credit card manually with Square.


Wireless Internet Equipment & Managed Services