Whotspot Makes it Easy to Offer Business-Class WiFi

Whotspot recommends managed WiFi equipment including Wireless Routers, Access Points, Repeaters, Unique Enclosures and Power Supplies and Services to help you add controlled WiFi to your venue, or to start your own WiFi business. We recommend and manage the "techie" part, while you focus on what you do well, your own business. Whotspot does not sell equipment, we provide management and consulting services to help you specify, purchase and manage your wifi-enabled venue. You may purchase your equipment from any vendor, even Amazon, and we will help you setup, configure and manage it all for a low monthly fee.

Why Has Whotspot Stopped Selling Equipment?

Price variability and the enormous discounts offered by major retailers make it ridiculous for us to sell hardware. So, you can shop around, purchase any or all the equipment you like from our recommendations, and we will configure, set-up and manage it for you in the Cloud. As of March 1, 2015 we only provide consulting and management services, and will help you specify and create a shopping list of the equipment you will need to offer WiFi at your venue.

This new approach offers you the best pricing on equipment and the full manufacturers warranty and return policy.

I’m a Venue owner and my Customers are demanding wifi

If you want to setup a WiFi hotspot, Internet Cafe or simply offer controlled Internet access to your visiting customers, campers, tourists, students or patients, you have come to the right spot. At Whotspot we provide simple wireless solutions so you do not have to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out how to do it all yourself. Whotspot offers the perfect, low cost solution for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coffee Shops, Hospitality - Hotels, Motels, Hostels & B&B, Medical Clinics, Healthcare Facilities, Seniors Residences, Managed Care Facilities, Campgrounds, RV Parks, Marinas, Truck Stops & Auto Service Stations, Health and Fitness Clubs, Restaurants, Bars, Bowling lanes, Laundromats, Food Courts and more. Just select a recommended WiFi Hotspot access point, plug it in and it works - you are ready to offer free or pay-per-use internet access. We manage it all for you. Read More about Our Concept

What exactly does that mean?

The folks at Whotspot will help you select the appropriate equipment, arrange for installation support, program, configure and setup everything needed to create a WiFi Hotspot. We will manage the day-to-day operation of your WiFi location, monitor the equipment, ensure customers can purchase accounts to surf, or enter Surf Code Vouchers to access the internet at your venue.

What is so great about mesh?

Every Whotspot access point we recommend is mesh enabled. That means you can install units like traditional access points, hardwired to the Internet, and add additional units that only require power wherever you need to extend coverage. All access points work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network. You can now extend your network to the furthest reaches of your property, office complex, campground, hotel or other venue, cable-free.

Who Needs WiFi?

Even though WiFi is prevalent everywhere these days, if you are currently without, or have a system with poor performance, it is sometimes difficult to determine what you need, tricky to configure when you get it and confusing to add control and payments to your access. That’s where Whotspot comes in. Don’t know what you need? Simply select 1 or 2 Access points to get started. Plug one unit into your ISP Modem and the other into power. When powered on, each device scans the area, identifies the other units and self configures to a gateway, access point or repeater. You do nothing! Need more range? Just buy another access point and plug it in. Amazing Markets for WiFi

How is Whotspot WiFi Better than the Competition?

Some Unique Features Really?
Some wifi hotspot providers offer free service, others offer monthly fees with long term contract requirements and expensive hardware. At Whotspot, we keep things simple. Yes
No contracts. 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason, cancel anytime. All fees and payments stop immediately. Yes
You have nothing to program, nothing to configure - we supply everything preconfigured and ready to go. Yes
Low cost, high performance. Yes
No forced advertising for your guests – unless you want it. Yes
Promote your own business or venue. Yes
You can offer free wifi, paid wifi and/or voucher controlled wifi – you decide. Yes
Provide tiered access - free basic level, throttle hogs, accommodate paid surfers. Yes
Accept credit cards or cash. Yes
True mesh network equipment. Need more range, just plug in another access point. Yes
No forced login with your social media account. Individual privacy is maintained. Yes
No mining of your contacts or personal data. Yes
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What Do Customers Say?

"Thanks Terry for being so prompt, your customer service is awesome!"

"Finally a system that works as advertised!"

"My Customers love it - being able to purchase 1 WiFi account and use on their phone and laptop simultaneously"

"I've been your client for 10 years now and I still feel like a friend is taking care of my business. Thank-you!"

"When you said it was simple, I thought nothing could be that easy to set-up. You were correct - all we had to do was plug 1 cable into our modem and power it up. In less than a week we recouped our investment and the Whotspot WiFi has been profitable for us ever since."